Welcome to Pinnacle Resort- Hanwella
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Brand new room - spacious and luxurious Roof top restaurant with 360 degree view Well landscapped garden
Sitting areas by the rubber estate Balcony with a panoramic view Large swimming pool
THE NATURES RESORT is nesting between 4 acre of Rambuttan and another stretch of 7 acres of coconut on the other side, is just the solution to ease the tension and stress of living and to breathe in the freshness of nature while being away from  the hustle and bustle of life. 

Ideal for eco friendly accommodation and day outing
 Visit the website : www.thenaturesresort.com
Leisure World - 10 minutes drive
Seethawaka Botanical Gardens - 10 minutes
Kumari Ella, Ranmuthu ella - 10 minutes
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